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Supported Games:
League of Legends Fortnite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Among Us World of Warcraft Grand Theft Auto V Rocket League Fall Guys Valheim Overwatch Hearthstone Teamfight Tactics

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How the Omnislash App captures gameplay

The Omnislash App is your new best friend: it has the secret sauce that logs your games, snaps auto screenshots, and uploads everything effortlessly to your profile here at

See and share your gameplay.

League of Legends Fortnite Among Us Cyberpunk Hearthstone Fallguys TFT Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Access and share all of your match histories, stats, widgets, data, and more from your Omnislash Profile with just a click! If you've got a browser, you've got Omnislash.

Connect with other gamers

Share your gaming Stories and Omnislash profile wherever you live online! Omnislash is the premier way to post your games and data.

Omnislash is for YOU; you are OMNI.

Your profile is your Omni: your representation of your gaming self to see and share. Customize your profile, link your discord, share your socials, and leverage the power of your profile to be your gaming homebase.

Discover stats and insights

All of your stats, per game, are added up and displayed on your profile for you and others to see. Dig into the data, see what you’re best at and discover new things about your gameplay in each Omnislash supported game!

We are Omni; Help us build!

We want Omnis from all backgrounds and styles, all who know what a lifetime of gaming is all about or are ready to embark on the journey to a million new worlds.

Omnislash is the place where you are all those games, all those experiences at once, where your Omni gaming self can finally be realized and unleashed.

Omnislash is in beta, and we're building something for people who love games and want better ways to bridge their gaming and real lives.

What is Omnislash?

Omnislash is a website and app that helps you capture all your gaming data and media to share all across the web.

How much does Omnislash Cost?

Nothing! Omnislash is free!

How do I install Omnislash?

Download Omnislash HERE! Then, when the windows alert window pops up click "MORE INFO" and then "RUN ANYWAY" This alert shows because the Omnislash App is so new; while we await a verification certificate this alert shows on windows but will be gone soon! Thanks for bearing with us!

How do I share gameplay?

Gameplay, stats, screenshots, and more all show up on your Omnislash profile! From there you can share everywhere around the web via our reposting features!

What Games Does Omnislash Support?

Full Support Games: Among Us CS:GO Fall Guys Fortnite Hearthstone Hearthstone: Battlegrounds League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Basic Support Games: Apex Legends Assassins Creed Valhalla Call of Duty: MW / Warzone Destiny 2 Diablo 3 Dota 2 FFXIV Genshin Impact Grand Theft Auto V Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice Magic The Gathering Arena Monster Hunter Northgard Overwatch Path of Exile Rocket League Skyrim Smite Team Fortress 2 Terraria Tooth and Tail Valheim Valorant Warframe Witcher 3 World of Warcraft

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